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Hey welcome to this blog, in this I am going to tell you how you can download GETTING OVER IT game for free on Android device as you know that this game is Play Store so you would like to have came to the perfect place without any further delay let's get started.
Over View-
first let me tell you about this is game, this game was first released on PC as paid. this game is very challenging and very hard to play but I dare you to play this game and complete it. This game offers various challenges which you have to takle and go further .
Android Version-

Android version of this game is released A few days back and it is known that the size is very much small compared to the original PC version the size is just about hundred MB which is very small and it is obvious that the game will be very small compared to the PC version and this game we only have about 10 to 11 levels because the size of this game is very small compared to the PC version, the PC version is about 2 to 3GB.
Steps - 

  1. Download Apk & OBB
  2. Extract OBB 
  3. Put the extracted folder to device Memory / Android / OBB
  4. Install APK
  5. Grant all permissions for apk
  6. Turn off internet
  7. Enjoy !
Download link - 

Apk & OBB - click here to download
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